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Birthday: April 1
Blood Type: A
Favorite Subjects: Gym and Music
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Extracurricular Activities: Cheerleading
Favorite Colors: Pink & White
Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossoms
Favorite Food: Egg Rolls and Noodles
Least Favorite Food: Konnyaku
Best Recipe: Pancakes
Wish List: New Backpack ^^

Sakura is the cheery happy main character of the story. She released the clow cards
and now it's become her job to retrieve them all. Her magical powers develop through
the series. She is often wearing beautiful and elaborate battle costumes made by her
best friend, Tomoyo. With Kero at her side, Sakura is a powerful young girl on a
mission. She uses the clow reed to capture clow cards. In the Sakura card half of the
series, she must turn the clow cards into sakura cards using her own magic. This
causes her to faint and lose energy. Luckily, her friends, family or Syaoran show up
in the nick of time. She also finds her heart belongs to Syaoran.