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hey, this is a layout made with tables ^^ from Rikku of FFX2 xD oh! It think it's very cute! I like it how I finished it! =P only that darn Rikku is standing on my site's name =P nobody can see it now =_=! oh well =P that means you have to link me on your site somewhere! hahaha! I called this layout Rikku de masu that means something like 'here is rikku'... XD


Rikku changed a lot since FFX... only the things she wear is a lot different (all the men on earth: So what, I don't mind xP!) sure =P!! I like the dress of this job, you see on the layout... but it's still.. 0.0.... Yellow is my favorite color! oh well, let's get back to this layout =P this is a blog layout if you didn't notice, and a tables layout, like I said before!


want a box around the text, just write: <P class="head"> stuff </P> =P I hope you understand it a bit, how this layout works! If you have some problems, you can always contact me *Phoenix* don't forget to link us! that's all you need to know!


well, write something about you! and the regular blog stuff would come here too!

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and here is your button!