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Name: Hikaru
Grade: 8
Birthday: August 8th (leo)
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Least Favorite Food: Anything Spicy
Favorite Subject: Biology
Least Favorite Subject: Music
Favorite Color: Red
Hobby: Playing with her dog dog Hikari
Specialties: Kendo (a form of Japanese martial arts), and talking to animals
Extracurricular activities: Kendo Club
Career goal: A seeing-eye dog trainer
Family: Father, Mother, three older brothers.

A pure, honest, and simple girl. Although she is vertically challenged, she can jump very well. She is good at using a sword because she learned Kendo as a small child. Her magical element is Fire.

Name: Fuu Houji
Grade: 8
Blood Type: A
Birthday: December 12th (sagittarius)
Faveorite Food: Sushi
Least Faveorite Food: Yucky Foods
Faveorite Subject: Math
Least Faveorite Subject: Art
Etracurricular Activities: Archery Club
Hobbies: Reading
Specialties: Computer Programing
Career Goal: Systems Engineer
Family: Father, Mother, and Older Sister.

Always smiling butshe is quite a stratigist. Her comments are often right to the point. Her time spent in the archery club at school allows her to use the bow and arrow well. Her magcal element is wind.

Name: Umi Ryuzaaki
Grade: 8
Blood Type: A
Birthday: March 3rd (Pices)
Faveorite Food: Spaghetti
Least Faveorite Food: Anything Sweet
Faveorite Subject: English
Least Faveorite Subject: Sewing
Etracurricular Activities: Fencing Club
Hobbies: baking cakes
Specialties: English, Fencing
Career Goal: A bride
Family: Father, Mother

Not Afraid to speak her mind, she comes across as a selfish person. however, she cares deeply about her friends. She uses rapiers well because she fences. Her magical element is water.


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