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Name: Touya kinomoto
Birthday: February 29
Blood Type: O
Favorite Subjects: Chemistry (and maybe Yukito *dodges object*)
Least Favorite Subject: None
Extracurricular Activities: Choir
Favorite Colors: Blue
Favorite Flower: Peach Blossoms
Favorite Food: Steak
Least Favorite Food: Fried Bean Curd with Various Veggies
Best Recipe: Omelet with Fried Rice
Wish List: A New Pair of Sneakers

He is Sakura's older brother. Although he never seems to have magical powers, he has
the ability to see ghosts, including the ghost of his dead mother. He always seems to
be picking on Sakura, but in reality, he cares for her very much and is protective of
her. This leads him to strongly dislike Syaoran. Touya attends Seijou High with
Yukito, his best friend. Once Touya begins to realize that Yukito isn't human, their
bond goes deeper than friendship. In order to save Yukito, Touya even gives up some
of his power.

Name: Yukito Tsukishiro
Birthday: December 25
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Subjects: Math
Least Favorite Subject: None
Extracurricular Activities: None
Favorite Colors: White
Favorite Flower: Hepatica
Favorite Food: Anything!
Least Favorite Food: None
Best Recipe: Curry & Stew
Wish List: A New Lunchbox

Yukito is one of the most interesting characters in the show. He is an extremely nice
guy who does not appear to have a temper. Sakura had a crush on him for a while.
Yukito has a HUGE appetite! He eats a lot of food all the time. He is almost always
seen with his best friend, Touya. Even when Nakura is hanging off Touya, Yukito
doesn't seem to mind too much. Later, we discover that Yukito isn't human and that
his true form is the cold-hearted Yue. The only thing is, Yukito has no memory of
being Yue and gets very confused by certain occurrences.

Name: Yue
Birthday: secret (not Yukito's)
Symbol: Moon
Attribute: Ying (Darkness)
Favorite Food: Doesn't eat
Favorite Thing: Sleep
Least Favorite Thing: Being bothered / Troublesome things
False Form: Yukito Tsukishiro

Opposite of Kero, Yue appears cold-hearted. He is one of the guardians Clow reed

created of the Clow Book. He lives within Yukito, but Yukito does not know it. Yue
held the final judgement over the possessor of the clow cards, Sakura. Like Kero, he
is to protect Sakura, but doesn't do the job one would expect. The only person he
shows any emotion towards is Touya. He loves Clow, but feels betrayed by him. This
comes across as bitterness.

Name: Kaho Mizuki
Birthday: February 11
Occupation: Elementary School Teacher
Favorite Colors: Unbleached cloth color!?
Favorite Flower: Tsukimisou
Favorite Food: Alcohol
Least Favorite Food: Marshmellow
Best Recipe: Basically anything
Wish List: Remembering streets

Kaho first appears as Sakura's math teacher. Syaoran always sensed she wasn't normal
and had some powers. Sakura even had a few strange dreams about her. Kaho can sense
clow cards quite quickly. She is very kind and gentle to almost everyone. She also
serves as a help for Sakura. Although she seems to like younger men. She used to date
Touya and eventually ends up with Eriol. Then again, who knows how old Eroil is.

Name: Nakura Akizuki
Birthday: October 13
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Subjects: Math
Least Favorite Subject: None
Extracurricular Activities: None
Favorite Colors: Red
Favorite Flower: Queen of the Night
Favorite Food: None
Least Favorite Food: None
Best Recipe: None
Wish List: Tasty things

Nakura is a strange, but loveable character. She's actually quite freaky. Eriol
created her as Ruby Moon. She's almost like the opposite of Yue. She lives with Eriol
and Suppi. Naruka is in love with Touya and proclaims her love for him many times.
Due to this, she doesn't get along very well with Yukito. Naruka always tries to
break up Yukito and Touya's moments alone. In reality she's not really a girl. Heck,
she's not human!

Name: Ruby Moon
Birthday: secret (not Naruka's)
Symbol: Moon
Attribute: Yang (Light)
Favorite Food: Doesn't eat
Favorite Thing: Troublesome things
Least Favorite Thing: Boring stuff
False Form: Nakura Akizuki

Ruby Moon is Nakura similar to how Yue is Yukito. Unlike Yue and Yukito, Naruka and
Ruby Moon are almost the same. She's a little calmer than Naruka though. She is seen
fighting Yue.

Birthday: Secret
Favorite Colors: Black & Green
Favorite Flower: Poppy
Favorite Food: Bitter things
Least Favourite Food: Sweet things
Wish List: Quiet surrounding

Suppi is like Kero in a lot of ways. Both of them are guardians and look similar to
cats. Suppi-chan is the mirror of Kero. Suppi, however, is almost the opposite of
Kero when it comes to personality. Suppi-chan is very quite and loves to read. He
seems to be very serious and calm. He fights with Kero-chan a lot. As Spinal Sun, he
looks like a black panther with wings. Although he might seem a little cold, he's an
adorable character.