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-+ Konnichi Wa! +-

Nekomi Tech student who dailed the wrong number and unwittingly summoned the goddess Belldandy. Then her sisters Urd And Skuld came to Earth in search of her.
Goddess first cass(Unlimited). She is very loving and very kind. She grants keiichi's wish to stay with him always. actually his wish was "I wish that a goddess like you would be my girlfriend" then he says, "but...since this a joke that would never happen." and then she grants his she wish.
Goddess Second class(limited). Belldany's big sister. She comes out of the t.v. from a video that he is watching. it says in this thing about her that she is very suductive and very naughty.
Goddess second class(limited). Belldandy's little sister she is very smart and a little braty. She comes out of the bath tub when Keiichi is in it and calls him a pervert and hits him with her hammer thing.

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